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update documentation for auto_crop_fast

parent 5fc818c6
......@@ -216,7 +216,8 @@ cat("out of",image_count,"images, we got",crop_count,"viable cells \n", sep = "
#' @param channel3_string Optional. String appended to the files showing the
#' channel illuminating cell structures. Defaults to DAPI,
#' if third channel == "on".
#' @param third_channel Optional, defaults to "off".
#' @param third_channel Optional, defaults to "off". Set to "on" if you would
#' also like crops of the third channel.
#' @param img_orig_highres the original strand image with original resolution
#' @param file_ext file extension of your images e.g. tif jpeg or png.
#' @param resize_l length of square to resize original image to.
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