Commit dc6169a3 authored by Lucy McNeill's avatar Lucy McNeill
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overlay the original dna and foci channels

parent 8c69f250
......@@ -144,9 +144,9 @@ count_foci <- function(img_path, stage = "none", offset_px = 0.2, offset_factor
cat("at file",img_file, sep = " ")
cat("cell counter is", cell_count, sep= " ")
cat("\n original images")
ch1 <-channel(new_img,"grey")
ch1 <-channel(0.5*new_img,"grey")
ch2 <- channel(foci_mask_crop,"grey")
bluered <- rgbImage(ch1, ch2, 0*ch1)
cat("\n displaying resulting foci count plots. Overlay two channels:")
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