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......@@ -16,14 +16,12 @@ Starting with the expression counts matrix, this workshop will cover the followi
1. The SingleCellExperiment object
1. Empty droplet identification
1. Cell-level quality control
1. Normalisation
1. Dimension Reduction and visualisaion
1. Clustering
1. Marker gene/cell annotation
1. Quality control and exploratory data visualisation
1. Normalisation, confounders and batch correction
1. Latent spaces
1. Clustering and cell annotation
1. Differential expression analysis
You can access everything at the [workshop website](
......@@ -18,6 +18,4 @@ control to dimensionality reduction and clustering. We will then demonstrate the
usage of marker genes for cell type annotation and an automatic approach for matching
query cells to a reference atlas with labels.
You can access everything at the [workshop website](
1. [single-cell RNAseq analysis workflow for cell type identification](sahmri_analysis-workflow.html)
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